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Music & Compositions

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The 16th album released under his own name, BLOOZ is a stunning collection of original new bluesy and jazzy tunes from veteran guitarist and composer Grant Geissman, with special guests Randy Brecker, Tom Scott, David Garfield, Russell Ferrante, Josh Smith, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford, and John Jorgenson. Leading the way, Grant takes the listener on a stylistic adventure, exploring the genre in many forms. "The album is called BLOOZ  because it’s my take on the blues. It’s a fairly wide interpretation, and not always traditional," said Geissman. "It’s the album I always wanted to make."

BLOOZ released on August 19th, 2022 via Grant's Futurism label in a joint venture with storied Central California-based label Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings.



Track List

1. Preach (featuring Randy Brecker) [4:24]
2. Side Hustle [5:41]
3. Carlos En Siete (featuring David Garfield) [4:46]
4. Time Enough at Last (featuring Russell Ferrante) [5:09]
5. Fat Back (featuring Tom Scott) [4:54]
6. Rage Cage [4:10]

7. Robben’s Hood (featuring Robben Ford) [4:49]
8. One G and Two Js (featuring Josh Smith and Joe Bonamassa [5:03]
9. Stranger Danger (featuring Russell Ferrante) [5:36]
10. Whitewalls and Big Fins (featuring John Jorgenson) [4:24]
11. This and That (featuring Tom Scott) [4:44]
12. Sorry Not Sorry (featuring Russell Ferrante) [7:07]

TV Scores

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Grant co-wrote the music for all 12 seasons of the hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, earning an Emmy nomination for the catchy theme song (he included an extended jazzy take of this theme on his 2006 album Say That!). Grant also co-wrote the music for all six seasons of Mike & Molly, as well as for the first season of B Positive (both on CBS). Grant said: "I am very pleased and proud to have worked on all twelve seasons

seasons of the hit CBS sitcom Two And A Half Men. I co-wrote the theme ("Men, men, men, men, manly men!") with my old friends Lee Aronsohn and Chuck Lorre, the co-creators of the series; we were even nominated for an Emmy award for it! I wrote the underscore for the series together with my friend Dennis C. Brown, and we had a total blast working on this show."

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