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Rustic Technology


Track List

1. Gumbo (Grant Geissman) [5:06]
2. Some Esplainin' to Do (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [5:15]
3. Tune for J.T. (Grant Geissman) [4:05]
4. Silent Movies (Grant Geissman/Pat Coil) [5:47]
5. Baroque (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [4:42]
6. Cold Blue Sake (Grant Geissman/Joe Curiale) [4:40]

7. Chaco (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [5:02]

8. Time & Tides (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [5:05]

9. Three Conversations (Grant Geissman) [7:31]

10. Strange Wine (Grant Geissman) [4:49]

11. Flannel Cowboys (Grant Geissman) [4:06]


Grant Geissman - Acoustic, 12 String & Classical Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin, Arranger, Producer, Music Copyist

Brian Kilgore & Brad Dutz - Percussion, Bongos, Cymbals, Drums, Gong, Tambourine, Timbales, Triangle, Multi Instruments, Shaker, Shekere, Indian Bells, Wood Spoons

Emil Palame and Pat Coil - Piano

Lloyd Moffitt - Upright Bass

Dan Higgins - Recorder

David Shostac - Flute


"Imagine a cinematic scenario where one day Eddie Murphy turns into Lawrence Olivier and you'll have some idea of the pleasant shock of Grant Geissman's Rustic Technology. Till now, like Murphy, Geissman has been a lighthearted, people pleasing entertainer; his three previous Bluemoon releases all caught airplay fire but sacrificed artistic growth for friendly compositional flair. No longer, as the acoustic guitarist grows in quantum leaps, forgoing that fluffy, sax driven jacuzzi jazz sound for such down home, creative and swinging elements as recorder, flute, upright bass and Charlie Bisharat's remarkable gypsy violin. Bisharat's vibrant touches take Geissman's career to another level entirely. Stylistically, Geissman is all over the board, with Strunz & Farah like naivete, saucy Latin, solid jazz and even a classical tour de force with flutist David Shostac. And yet that melodic guitar ties all the elements together. "Silent Movies" features wildly enchanting acoustic piano work from Emil Palame and Pat Coil. Geissman's plucky string dynamics have never shone brighter, and after years of strong but less ambitious pop, he's at last found a way to reconcile true art with agreeable craftsmanship. The result: as organically brilliant an album as the smooth jazz genre has ever heard."

- Jonathan Widran

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