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Bop! Bang! Boom!


Bop! Bang! Boom! is the powerfully eclectic record from jazz guitarist/composer Grant Geissman, and is the third in Grant’s jazz trilogy that includes Cool Man Cool and Say That!

“From loping funk to boogaloo to earthy blues shuffles, with a haunting ballad, a beautiful samba and an urgently swinging post-bop romp thrown into the mix—along with touches of classical, flamenco and zydeco — jazz guitarist Grant Geissman covers all the bases with authority on BOP! BANG! BOOM!” — from the liner notes by Bill Milkowski

FEATURING: Albert Lee, Larry Carlton, Tom Scott, Mike Finnigan, Russell Ferrante, Brian Scanlon, Emilio Palame, Tom Ranier, Jim Cox, Corey Allen, Greg Mathieson, Trey Henry, Kevin Axt, Leland Sklar, Ray Brinker, Alex Acuna, Brian Kilgore, Dennis C. Brown, Chuck Lorre, Doug Lacey, and Van Dyke Parks.

Track List

1. Boom! [4:45]
2. The Singularity [5:38]
3. Q Tip (for Quincy Jones) [5:30]
4. Un Poco Español [6:01]
5. Go To The Window [6:20]
6. Good Morning, Mr. Phelps [6:01]

7. $25 Stella [3:39]

8. Texas Shuffle [5:31]

9. Samba En Menor [6:12]

10. Guitarism (for Ron Purcell) [4:31]

11. Take Yer Time [6:17]

12. Off The Grid [5:17]


"Very few typical jazz releases could be considered one of the year's best across multiple genres—this one is! An absolute must!"

- Brent Black, Critical Jazz

"This is a great album!"

- Robbie Gerson, Audiophile Audition

"This record is so right on you just won't believe it. One or the rare ones who can be at the pinnacle and still get better as time goes on. Killer stuff throughout."

- Chris Spector Midwest Record

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