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Business As Usual


Track List

1. Business as Usual (Grant Geissman) [4:06]
2. Chase the Dragon (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [4:07]
3. Gypsies (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [5:01]
4. Thinking Out Loud (Grant Geissman/Joe Curiale) [4:47]
5. Tomorrow the World (Grant Geissman/Lloyd Moffitt) [4:51]
6. Skin Deep (Grant Geissman/Dan Siegel) [5:07]

7. India (Grant Geissman/Dan Siegel) [5:07]

8. Quiet Time (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [5:21]

9. The Hardest Part (Grant Geissman/Tom Walsh) [4:43]

10. Tears Like Rain (Grant Geissman/Joe Curiale) [4:40]

11. Miles Apart (Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [4:23]

12. Chase the Dragon [Long Version]

(Grant Geissman/Emil Palame) [5:02]


"Grant Geissman negotiates and delivers a world class joint venture on his hit CD, Business as Usual. With arrangements for electric, electrical classical, classical, string acoustic and acoustic guitar on 12 tunes written by Grant, it's no wonder Geissman fans continue to be amazed by his brilliant string virtuosity. The title track opens the set with a high-energy stratocaster solo by Geissman with Sam Riney wailing on alto saxophone. "Chase The Dragon" features a funky dance-oriented rhythm, while "Gypsies" adds a Latin perspective to the set with Grant on classical and acoustic guitar. The exotic harmony of electric sitar with acoustic guitar (with tabla by Brad Dutz) on "India" adds another dimension to the Geissman string instrument collection. "Quiet Time" is pensive and portentous of the "smooth" guitar work that follows on "Tears Like Rain" — unlike the more organic flavor of Rustic Technology. Grant Geissman is truly a world-class string virtuoso with global appeal and a command of his instruments. This CD lends the listener an "around the world" feeling and welcomes you back home to Business as Usual."

- Paula Edelstein

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